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We develop concepts for communication - starting with analysis and ending with a time frame. Tailored to your needs and your concerns.
The beginning is a discussion about the assignment: What do you want to achieve in any given area in which time? Our task then is to develop a plan of how to achieve it: analysis of the starting situation, definition of goals, target groups, a PR strategy, detailed planning, execution and success control. Complete communication, since efficient public relations work requires conceptual consistency.

Analysis. Starting situation analysis leads to goal definition.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company, your products and services? How are you positioned in the market? Which social and economic trends are of importance to the issues you want to communicate?
Based on these questions we work out a comprehensive view of the situation we start off with. Only the person that knows where he is coming from, can decide where he is going. And can define realistic goals to be achieved with PR: goals about the knowledge, the attitude and finally the behaviour of his communication partners.

PR Strategy. Messages and paths of communication for your target groups.

Without a conclusive strategy, even well intended PR activities will remain activism. To reach corporate goals, the way there has to be carefully planned. The same applies to communication.
In the PR strategy we define, in co-operation with you, your target groups, your positioning and the communication channels. Customers, employees and shareholders, politics, media and the general public need to be approached in different ways in a credible manner and with tailored messages, open for dialogue.

Plan of Action. What to do when with whom?

From the PR strategy we draw off a tangible plan of action, a realistic time frame and a concrete budget. This way, everything that we do together, is in synch and in line with the PR strategy.
The plan of action lists all activities for individual topic areas and target group along with the areas of responsibility. The time frame outlines all activities in a chronological order, to ensure that planning and execution can be co-ordinated. And in the budget the required costs are agreed on.

Evaluation. Did we achieve the set goals?

Will the PR strategy hold true in reality and how can you measure this? This issue should already be discussed in the conceptual phase of our work .
Communication can not be a one-way street. If you want to reach your target groups through PR work and influence their understanding and behaviour, you must not only talk to them. You must also pay attention to their responses. This is why we are continually evaluating all our PR activities. We examine the success of the chosen strategy throughout the execution phase, to identify and utilise room for improvement.



We are in regular contact with the important editorials in Germany. Our long-standing contacts with the leading economic and financial journalists are the best foundation for successful public relations work. Use it!
Utilise us as your external press department, starting with the composition of a media contact list, the writing, phrasing and distribution of press releases through to the professional planning and execution of editorial visits and press conferences. So your information is received and messages are heard - credible and shaping opinions.

Media contact list. So you talk to the right person.

Your information and messages should reach people who are interested in them and will use them. Therefore we prepare an individual list of media contacts for each of our clients ordered into the following categories: news agencies, internet, radio, television, national and regional newspapers and magazines, local media, special interest publications, financial and investor publications and trade press.
After making a choice of the most important core media for you, we research who covers your topics and areas of concern in each editorial.

Editorial Visits. We open doors for interviews and background discussions.

Personal contact in close conversation with opinion shaping journalists is decisive for effective public relations work.
Leading editors in the economic and financial press know Northoff.Com as knowledgeable contact for all issues and topics that concern our clients. Our mediation will ensure that you also can develop personal relationships with journalists, who set trends in media coverage. We organise appointment and prepare you for editorial meetings, interviews and background discussions.

Press Conferences. When you have something important to say.

Press conferences and media roundtables are classic tools of public relations work. In times of news alert floods and tight schedules these are only practical if the issues and topics at hand are valuable to the journalist.
We advise you, with which situations and news you should invite journalists to a press conference. Planning and completion you can then leave to us. In co-operation with you we prepare the presentations, the speeches, the press releases and any picture material and ensure a professional course of the event.

Press Department. We take care of everything.

Your company wants to have professional public relations work? However without the expenditure of qualified staff and employees, space and technological infrastructure?
Then use Northoff.Com as your external press department. For you, we will take care of all responsibilities in relation to media contact, such as the maintenance of the media contact list, writing, phrasing and distribution of press releases, dealing with requests of information, planning and execution of visits to editorials and press conferences right through to PR as part of crisis management. All this provided by one agency.



You are looking for a creative partner for text and design? You are convinced that catchy headlines and precise information, cheeky graphics and a credible bearing are no contradiction? You want to be unique in your releases and publications?
Demands that motivate us. In image brochures and company reports, the same as in client and employee publications. Also in the new media: we take care of your website, starting off with the conception, the design and the programming, right through to the continued hosting.

Text. Ideas, word for word.

Did you know that 95% of all press releases are not published as they don't fulfil the journalistic requirements? Precise information, a clear structure in the text and a creative headline drawing the attention have to be cleverly combined to ensure success.
Next to press releases, sector specific articles and company reports, image brochures and employee information are part of the Northoff.Com repertoire. Each area requires a specific style and every time sparkling ideas and individual flair.

Graphics. The eye can feel it.

A picture communicates more than a thousand words. Colors and pictures of a publication produce an image and emotion, before even a single sentence catches the eye. Even more: they contain a message of their own that has to fit with the written text. Only if text and design are in unity, if they support and strengthen each other, they will reach their goal. And then you will reach your goal.
That is why we not only take care of the concept and content of print or internet projects, but we also provide graphic design expertise. Right through to the design of logos.

Print. With us, you will leave a lasting impression.

Germany is the birthplace of printing. Famous Johann Gutenberg, born in the city of Mainz on the river Rhine, invented the art of printing books in the 15th century. Even in the times of electronic media, print publications fulfil an important function: they can transport and communicate information and opinions in a credible manner. If they are employed properly and well written.
We offer the conceptual development and production of your company's annual report, your image brochure and your client and employee publications. All from our agency.

Internet. World Wide aWareness.

An attractive internet presence is pivotal for any organisation. The presence on the world wide web is part of the general communication and has to be clear unity with the other instruments of communication. Often the website is the first contact one has with a company. This makes its effect and impression extremely important.
We develop websites, that live up to the creative expectations of our clients and at the same time fulfil the requirements of the users. Design and text are part of our service offer, along with programming and hosting.



Are your expectations towards public relations work just as high as towards your own services and products? Then work with Northoff.Com to ensure quality. Our belief is that public relations work must provide a noticeable input towards the success of your company - otherwise it is just not worth it! That is why we invest a lot towards the qualification of our employees. We focus on gaining a detailed knowledge and understanding of the sector that you work in, providing an extensive observation of the media and analysis of current trends. Commitment and competence to ensure you a head start.

Employees. Our secret of success.

People working at Northoff.Com, are also always working on themselves. For our clients we want to be ahead of the game. The co-operation between experienced senior consultants and qualified juniors is the secret of our success.

Sector Knowledge. Understanding your business.

Journalists expect competent dialogue partners. Clients, shareholder, employees and the general public demand clear and comprehensible information.
Therefore we consider it natural to start every new project with an intensive examination of the relevant sector. So far we have covered the following sectors: financial services, real estate, human resources, marketing and cultural management.
What is your sector? We are looking forward to discovering new perspectives. Even more if your company is already listed on a stock exchange or planning on an IPO.

Media Analysis. We pick up trends.

The media is the indicator of long-term developments, whose early stage the attentive observer and reader can detect ahead of time. Through continuous media observation and analysis, we not only document, how often and with what sort of valuation your company is represented in the media. For us it is important, to follow any public discussion surrounding any of your issues and topics and to point out any recent trends to you. We then draw specific recommendations, in which discussions you could and should participate, giving input based on your expertise and leaving your own mark.

Seminars. We communicate competence.

Volker Northoff works as a seminar chair and speaker for Management Circle and the FAZ Institute speaking on topics such as professionally developing and maintaining media contacts, media work for financial service providers and media work for investor relations managers. You and your employees can profit from this know-how. We develop individual PR seminars, covering a wide range of topics such as writing and rules about press releases and PR advertising and practical guidance for media events. Make your employees in various branches into recognised conversation partners for the local media.



Public relations is the art to build and sustain trust. All our work is based on this belief.
As PR agency with focus on media work, Northoff.Com works with companies in different sectors and of different sizes. Founded in 1996 in Frankfurt/Main, we work with ten employees nation-wide. We work as PR consultants for both German and international clients. Utilising our network of partners for investor relations and advertising, media planning and market research we offer integrated communication all through one agency.

Location. Office Frankfurt/Main.

Our main office is located in Frankfurt, right between the main railway station and the trade fair area. We make use of the short distances between us and major publishing houses and broadcasting studios, newspaper editorials and correspondents offices.
Our proximity to important financial institutions, large banks and leading asset managers means, our consultants know early on what is moving the markets and the media.

Volker Northoff. As owner of the agency, may I introduce myself?

Banker (Deutsche Bank, Kiel) and chartered economist (University of Bonn). Six years in the PR department at Dresdner Bank headquarters (Frankfurt), responsibilities included IPO's and the development of media relations in the new German federal states. Subsequently three years as head of press and public relations of Leonberger Bausparkasse AG, responsible for mediawork, employees communication, investor relations and sponsoring. Regular activities as author and speaker, along with volunteer positions in different professional associations.

Working Method. Step by step towards the goal.

Each assignment starts with a briefing in which we ask you to provide us with all relevant information on your company and the goals you want to achieve.
We subsequently analyse the starting situation and the surrounding environment we are facing. Based on this, we develop an individual PR-strategy, which is agreed with you in a continuous process.
The whole planning is finalised in a binding agreement on actions which will be taken, the time frame of the activities and a budget plan.

Terms and Conditions. Transparency and planning security.

We offer you transparency: Our services for you and their costs are secured through a consultancy contract. For ongoing PR counselling a monthly retainer is charged. The amount payable varies according to the scope of the services. Third party costs, out-of-pocket and travel expenses as well as fees on an hourly or daily basis will be invoiced monthly.
And we offer you planning security: On request we can also help facilitate forward budgeting by calculating flat-rate fees for project assignments.

Clients. Our references.

Financial Services
Lindorff Deutschland GmbH, Heppenheim (PR counselling, media work) since 2008
State Street Corp., Boston/Munich (full service media work Germany) 2000-2006
Dresdner Bank , Frankfurt/M. (PR projects Euro-implementation) 1998-2001
Ernst & Young, Division Global Financial Services (media contacts) since 2004
Bankhaus August Lenz, Munich (PR counselling, media work) 2004-2007
Gamax Brokerpool, Milano (media work) 2004-2007
Prof. Joerg Finsinger, Vienna (media work Germany) since 2003
PB Pensionsfonds AG, Hilden (PR concept) 2003
Sampo Industrial Insurance N.V., Helsinki/Frankfurt (media work Germany) 1998-2000
Debeka Bausparkasse, Koblenz (media work) 1997
Investment Industries
State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), Boston/Munich (media work Germany) 2000-2006
dit Deutscher Investment Trust, Frankfurt/M. (projects media work, events) 1999-2001
Verband unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter, Frankfurt/M. (media work) 2006-2007
Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung, Duesseldorf (media contacts) since 2006
Versorgungsanstalt Bund/Länder, Karlsruhe (media contacts) since 2006
Private Equity / M&A
Angermann M&A International GmbH, Hamburg (PR counselling, media work) since 2004
M&A International Inc. (media award, website) since 2005
Capital Dynamics, Zug/Switzerland (media work Germany) since 2005
Coller Capital, London (media work Germany) since 2004
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), London (media work Germany/Switzerland) 2002-2004
Rockwood Specialties Inc., New Jersey/USA (media work M&A-project) 2004
Real Estate
WIGA GmbH, Munich (PR counselling, media work) 2002-2005
SimCorp GmbH, Bad Homburg (media work german speaking countries) since 2005
wdv New Media, Bad Homburg (media services) 2002-2006
Kleindienst Datentechnik AG, Augsburg (media work) 2001
Entrepreneur des Jahres, Stuttgart (media work Germany) seit 2006
NEK Ingenieur Gruppe, Berlin (media work) 2005-2006
Carpartner Autovermietung GmbH, Köln (PR counselling, media work) 1996-1997
Musik im Schloss , Bad Homburg (classical concert events) since 2001

Partners. Our network for international media work.

UK and US: Penrose Financial, London
Other Countries: Hill & Knowlton

Partners. Our network for integrated communication.

PvF, Frankfurt/Main (Investor Relations)
Kujawa & Partner, Munich (Advertising)
Mediaplan, Hamburg (Media Planning)
Pontus GmbH, Niedernhausen (Company and Market Research), Frankfurt/Main (Webdesing and Multimedia)

Professional associations. Participation and Membership.

Volker Northoff contributes to the following professional associations:
International Public Relations Association (IPRA)
2001 - 2004 Council Member for Germany
German Public Relations Association (DPRG)
1997 - 2000 Member of the Board and press spokesperson
1994 - 1997 and since 2001 Council Member
Christians in the Economy (CiW)

Jobs. Your Chance at Northoff.Com.

Do you already have practical experience in public relations? Then maybe you could be the next new member of our expanding team. Or are you looking for a comprehensive and practical PR-apprenticeship? Then you could become our next trainee and take part in the program offered by, one of the best PR qualifications in Germany. Just send us your application or call us.

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Phone +49 (0)69 40 89 80 20, Fax +49 (0)69 40 86 80 10,